Welcome to Ajilus!

We are glad you are here! Ajilus is a Des Moines, Iowa based firm focused helping you maximize the output and revenue of your organization.

We provide consulting services to help you discover where your organization or institution is doing well and where it needs to improve. We help you develop a strategy for change, consult or mentor you or your team to implement said strategy or we'll even take over the responsibility ourselves and do it for you by request. The larger the organization and more complex the problem, the more we are energized to help you solve challenges. We focus on NGOs, Governments, Public and Private Institutions in nearly any industry, technical and non-technical alike. We have the education, experience and track-record to bring broad, international multi-industry best practices to the table and help you implement it on the floor.

We also provide public and private training services, on and off-site for your convenience. Our class sizes vary dependent upon the purpose and complexity of the material and our training material is customized to your needs and context in the subjects of our expertise. The types of training we provide focuses on improving the operational efficiency and output quality of your organization as a whole. We are experts in what we teach. When you attend one of our classes, we'll not only help you learn the concepts, but help you apply them in your place of work that same day.

Our ideal situation is organizational and institutional change strategies blending training and consulting services into an optimum package. If you need to build teams, teach whole companies, energize institutions to embrace change, overhaul or fix inefficient operations, we will build and implement a comprehensive strategy to achieve your maximum output, quality and revenue potential. We teach you through instruction and show you through example in real-time. We don't talk about an idea and then leave you to figure it out alone. We'll show you every step of the way.

Read through our material and contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!